10U Mixed League - next league is in the new year.

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Four players are required for each fixture which consists of four singles and two doubles matches.

Each match is 2 sets of first to 4 games (with 2 clear) with a tiebreak if it gets to 4-4. Championship tiebreak (to 10) at 1 set all. Green balls are used and a full size singles court (ie no tramlines) is used for both the singles and the doubles matches.

Match fees are £5 for AWAY games and £7.50 for HOME games (the match fees are to cover tournament league entry fees, match balls and match teas)

Below is the schedule for this season's matches. Please get in touch ASAP with Mike to let him know your availability for the games - juniors@queensparkctc.org

Here is a link to all the matches and results on the LTA's website:

10&U Mixed, Division 3B

And a link to the guidelines for the competitions:

LTA Captains' Guide



League Table

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